Fondation MEDIC

Mission statement


Foundation goals

The MEDIC foundation has as its primary goal to support high quality translational cancer research. Cancer research has been chosen as an area of primary interest because cancer is one of the leading causes of disease and early death worldwide and, in spite of considerable research efforts, knowledge in the field is still insufficient to allow for early diagnosis, adequate curative treatment or effective prevention of most cancers. Translational research has been selected because promising results of basic research should be carried into daily patient care more rapidly and, likewise, crucial problems in oncology should be more often the starting point for basic research. Translational research platforms aim explicitly at bridging this gap.

The research consortium 'Tumour-Host interaction'

High quality research is guaranteed through the creation of a multidisciplinary consortium, with participating groups based at

  • the Jules Bordet Institute in Brussels
  • the University Medical Centres of Lausanne, Fribourg and Geneva.

The common theme for the research groups participating in this consortium is "Tumour-Host interaction". The consortium has an informal and open character. An international scientific advisory board guarantees through a peer review approach the internationally competitive level of the research program. Administrative and decision making procedures are light and efficient, which allows a high degree of flexibility in (re)orienting research projects and almost all of the available resources to be used directly for research purposes.