Fondation MEDIC



The MEDIC foundation was created in the early 1990-ies. The founder has wished to remain anonymous. One of the main aims of the Foundation is to further biomedical research, notably in the area of cancer research.

Board of Trustees

The Foundation is directed by a Board of Trustees. The scientific coordinator of the MEDIC consortium (prof. Fred Bosman) is member of the Board of Trustees. The initial approach of the MEDIC foundation to support biomedical research was to identify individual scientists with an excellent track-record in their field and to support them without fixed guidelines in terms of field of research or details of the projects that would be executed. Over the years it became clear that a more targeted approach would contribute to more productive research support.

Why a consortium?

Over the last decade, the research activities supported by the Foundation evolved into a focused group of researchers which work together in a well-structured consortium with a range of complementary research activities in the field of Cancer Research, notably the interaction between the micro-environment which is provided by the host (the body of the patient) and the growing cancer cells.

Where are the members?

The founder of MEDIC was of Belgian origin, hence the involvement of scientists of the Jules Bordet Cancer Institute in the Consortium. Members of this institution migrated to Lausanne and Geneva, which constitutes the basis for groups from these University Medical Centers in the Consortium. Subsequently, members of the Lausanne group migrated to Fribourg, justifying the link with the Department of Medicine of the Faculty of Science in Fribourg.

Annual meetings

The research groups meet once a year for an informal scientific symposium in which the latest findings are exchanged and new projects are discussed. In 2010 the annual MEDIC prize was created, with the intention to support promising clinician-scientists in the early phase of the development of their career.