Fondation MEDIC

Role and function



The role of the Scientific Advisory Board is to maintain high quality of research conducted within the MEDIC consortium, to advise the Board of Trustees of the Foundation regarding general research policy and to select the laureate of the annual MEDIC prize.


The research activities in the Consortium and the annual MEDIC prize winner selection are followed closely by the Scientific Advisory Board. The Board meets with the consortium at the annual MEDIC day, which has the character of a scientific symposium. The bulk of the activities of the Board, however, is conducted through the internet. The Board members regularly

  • review grant applications
  • propose reviewers for the submitted grant applications
  • assess the candidates for the annual MEDIC prize once independent reviewers have judged the applications, based upon their scientific merit and the potential of the candidates
  • assess the progress made in the research projects based upon the information obtained during the MEDIC day and the annual reports the principal investigators are obliged to submit.

The proposals of the Board are communicated to the Board of Trustees by the chair of the Board (prof. Fred Bosman, MEDIC coordinator). For the MEDIC prize this is in the form of an official report. Based upon this pre-advice the Board of Trustees makes final decisions.