Fondation MEDIC


  • grant applications can be submitted annually before the deadline of june 30. The application forms can be downloaded from the website
  • MEDIC prize applications can be submitted upon an announcement which is sent out in March each year to the person in the affiliated institutions responsible for academic affairs (usually the Dean)
  • the MEDIC coordinator invites Advisory Board members or external reviewers
  • reviews are submitted to the Advisory Board for a pre-advice, as a rule towards the middle of October
  • the MEDIC coordinator compiles the report for the awarding of the MEDIC prize, compiles an annual budget and submit this towards the end of the year to the MEDIC trustees, when a final decision is made regarding the budget for the next year
  • the MEDIC coordinator communicates a compilation of the external reviews and the final decision, including the budget available, to the applicants. The compiled reviews will be communicated in November, the final budgets in the first half of January.