Fondation MEDIC

Miscellaneous funding request


For educational activities in the field of Medicine

The Board of Trustees has been open towards supporting activities of organisations or individuals in the field of medicine in a broad sense which do not have easy access to financial support but do contribute to advancing the field of medicine.. There is no particular procedure for this type of support. As a rule the MEDIC coordinator is open for requests and if judged falling within the intentions of the MEDIC foundation and with sufficient evidence of potential impact the request is submitted to the Board of Trustees, which will make the final decision.

Applications that have been funded:

  • Travel grants for young scientists for additional research training
  • Support for the publication of 4th edition of the series 'Classification of Human Tumors' by the International Agency for Cancer Research in Lyon (IARC). The justification of this support has been keeping the price of the books low for users from low-income countries.
  • Travel support for guest medical faculty for 'Patan Academy of Health Sciences' (PAHS), a new community oriented School of Medicine in Kathmandu in Nepal.