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Comprehensive molecular characterization of colorectal liver metastases: a step towards personalized medicine in stage IV colon cancer
Project leader – Arnaud Roth
Arnaud Roth

Prof. A. Roth received his medical degree from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland. He received his training in internal medicine at the University Hospital of Geneva and at the Hammersmith Hospital in London (UK). He then trained as a fellow in hemato-oncology for three years at the Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. He is presently in charge of the Digestive Tumors Unit in the Department of Medical specialties, at Geneva University Hospital.

As part of his scientific activities Prof. A. Roth served as chairman of the GI project group of the Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK) from 1997 to 2005. He is also an active member of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), where he served as chairman of the EORTC-GI project group from 2010 to 2014. His scientific interests are centered on translational research programs on prognostic/predictive molecular biomarkers in colon cancer, new treatment strategy for the management of liver metastasis from colorectal cancers, and development of new systemic therapy in gastric cancer.

Department of Internal Medicine Specialties
Division of Oncology
4 rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil
CH-1211 Genčve 14

Phone: +41 22 372 77 44

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Group members

Tom McKee MD, PhD


Mauro Delorenzi, PhD


Sabine Tejpar MD, PhD

Digestive tract oncologist

Petro Tsantoulis MD, PhD


Wulfran Cacheux MD, PhD

Digestive tract oncologist

Laura Rubbia-Brandt MD, PhD


Project description

Comprehensive molecular characterization of colorectal cancer liver metastases, a step towards personalized medicine in advanced colorectal cancer (CRC).

The project proposes to perform detailed comparative analysis of primary colorectal carcinomas and their liver metastases focusing on gene expression and digital morphologic analysis. It is part of a larger international collaborative effort to characterize liver metastases relative to the primary tumor, including DNA copy number aberrations and gene mutations, initially using fresh frozen tissue samples, which will subsequently be expanded to a large series of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sample pairs of untreated cases.

The first part of the project will extend to this group of metastatic (stage IV) carcinomas gene expression analyses already performed on a large group of stage II and III colorectal carcinomas. Questions are whether all previously identified molecular subtypes are also found in more advanced cancers and their metastases? Are there molecular subtype changes between primary tumor and metastasis? How do low-risk primary colon carcinomas progress into high-risk liver metastases?

In the second part we will integrate quantitative morphologic data with gene expression and clinical data. The high spatial resolution of morphology allows us to separately analyze the malignant epithelial component and reactive stroma as well as the center of the tumor relative to the invasion front. The fundamental question here is how different elements of the tissue contribute to the genomic and transcriptomic data. This potentially will provide novel information allowing us to refine prognostic or predictive parameters and include novel elements such as the role of the immune system in prognosis and therapy response.

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