Fondation MEDIC

Modalities of functioning

  • The MEDIC consortium is open for qualified research groups in Brussels (Jules Bordet), Geneva (HUG-UNIGE) or Lausanne (CePO-CHUV-UNIL) or research groups affiliated with these groups. The groups collaborate around a central theme for which 'Tumor-cell host interaction' has been chosen.
  • Grant applications will be submitted once a year before June 30.
  • Grant applications are screened by a Scientific Advisory Board who appoints 2 external reviewers.
  • Ongoing and new projects will be presented during the annual meeting of the consortium, to be held in the last trimester of each year.
  • Grants will be allocated subsequent to the consortium meeting upon a decision by the Scientific Advisory Board for a maximum of 3 years.
  • Grant applications, for which the reviewers comments raise important issues regarding the feasibility or scientific pertinence of the application, can be conditionally accepted for one year, allowing the requesting investigator to respond to the issues raised by the reviewers based upon the results obtained in the first year. In that case, the support for the two remaining years depends on peer review of the submitted report.
  • Each year each principal investigator will submit a progress, report using the available form, and comprising of a scientific progress report and a detailed financial account.
  • Allocated subsidies will be payable on the first month of each semester (January-July, pending approval of the financial statement of the previous year).
  • The Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board/MEDIC coordinator will prepare an annual report, based upon the progress reports provided by the groups, their presentation during the annual meeting of the consortium and eventual external reviews. This will be submitted to the Trustees, together with a budget proposal for the upcoming year, in the month of December.
  • The principal investigator and the junior staff funded by the MEDIC grant will participate in the annual MEDIC day.