Fondation MEDIC

The MEDIC prize


The annual MEDIC prize was created in 2010. The trustees considered that in addition to supporting research groups through funded grant applications an important additional activity might be support for a young clinician-scientist. The choice for a clinician-scientist was made as in the field of biomedical research there has been a strong tendency for laboratory investigations to be conducted primarily by PhD graduates rather than by MD graduates. This is a world-wide phenomenon, which is related to the complexity of a career in a competitive research field combined with active patient care. In addition, training of a clinician-scientist is long, as after basic medical education research training as well as training in a clinical specialty can easily add up to 10 years of postgraduate training. As a result, the number of clinician-scientists has gradually declined. And yet, clinicians can and do contribute the essential element of a clinical perspective even to basic research projects and certainly to studies bringing results of basic research more rapidly into the clinic (what is popularly referred to as translational research).

In order to assist promising clinician-scientists to get an independent research career going, early support, allowing them to free up the necessary time to invest into setting up their research, is essential. This is basically what the MEDIC prize intends: to provide a career development grant for a clinician-scientist. The prize is competitive: applications are solicited, including the outline of a research project, career perspectives need to be detailed and based upon these, through a peer review approach, the Scientific Advisory Board will decide who wins the prize. The prize money will be spent on the project but the awardee has much freedom to decide exactly how it can best support the development of the awardees scientific activities.

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