Fondation MEDIC

Description, rules and regulations


The MEDIC prize is awarded to an applicant having responded to the call for applications, which is circulated in the affiliated institutions (Inst.Jules Bordet in Brussels, UNIL in Lausanne and UNIGE in Genève).

The MEDIC Foundation is a private foundation, seated in Geneva, of which one of the aims is to support high quality (bio)medical research on the borderline between basic sciences and clinical research – translational research as it has become known. Its primary interest is to support studies in the field of oncology. To this end, an international consortium has been created in which collaborative studies are conducted around the theme 'Tumour-host interaction'. The consortium is supported through grants which are peer reviewed. In addition travel grants facilitate exchange between the participating groups.

The MEDIC Foundation supports particularly promising young clinicians/scientists through the annual MEDIC prize. The prize consists of CHF 200'000 over a two year period (CHF 100'000.- per year). The laureate can use the funds either to engage supporting personnel in his/her research group, take a sabbatical from clinical duties to intensify research activities or to fund a research fellowship abroad. The MEDIC Foundation calls for nominations or applications for the MEDIC prize 201... The following regulations apply:

  • The deadline for nominations or applications is June 30, 201... Nominations are accepted from candidates affiliated with (or to be affiliated with) FBM-UNIL, Faculty of Medicine UNIGE and the Jules Bordet Institute in Brussels.
  • The age limit for candidates is set at 35, although particular meritorious applications will be considered for candidates up to the age of 40.
  • Nominations or applications will consist of
    • a letter of motivation by the candidate
    • a full CV of the candidate
    • two letters of recommendation (typically from a clinician stipulating clinical excellence and from a scientist stipulating the qualities of the candidate as a scientist)
    • a letter of intent describing the research project the laureate will be conducting
      • of no more than 3000 words
      • containing background information, a working hypothesis, preliminary results and a crisp research plan
      • a budget proposal
  • Applications and nominations will be judged by an international jury.